kruna nora safe front profile

The Nora Safe is designed to be an embodiment of Nora, the Albanian warrior Queen’s finest qualities.


While the curvaceous Corian façade serves as a fitting ode to her unique and sensual beauty

ornamental image of the shooting bolt ornamental image of the shooting bolt ornamental image of the shooting bolt


The solid and powerful body creates a near impenetrable line of security and defence.

Discrete Access

Finally, with keyless access, this masterpiece comes together to create a safe that is as mesmerising and invincible as its enigmatic inspiration.


We are future ready

The Nora Safe is a combination of strength and intelligence, further fortified with cutting-edge technology.

  • iWarn System

    The Nora Safe has an integrated burglar alarm system that is triggered silently. This increases the security level multifold. A wireless solution that allows up to eight users to receive alerts in case of a break-in, the iWarn system sends alerts via SMS/calls on the registered mobile number.

  • Intelli Sense

    The Nora Safe is supported by a wired Internet-based camera with built-in motion sensing technology. The system is designed to detect only particular types of movements in selective areas so as to help reduce false alarms. In the event of any motion in the designated area, an email along with the photograph of the object or person causing the alert is sent out automatically. Thus, providing the user with visual proof to act upon.

  • Mobile App

    The Nora Safe has a Mobile App that allows you to remotely activate/deactivate your alarm.