At Godrej, the first safe was crafted at the turn of the 20th century


100 years

Godrej safes marked the beginning of a journey that has continued for over a hundred years. A period, during which Godrej came to be recognised for innovation and design in the safe industry.

Invention and innovation

Attention to detail with a penchant for innovation has been a part of the Godrej DNA since the initial years of safe-making. From A. B. Godrej’s tours across Europe to study the ropes of safe-making to staying ahead of the curve with ever-evolving technology; Godrej Security Solutions have been eponymous with quality safes in India since 1902.

Illustration of a craftsman welding a safe


A feature unique to the Godrej line of safes is the inbuilt locking operation. Strengthened with lever and shooting bolt mechanism, it provides a high-level of security against manipulation. The shooting bolt mechanism is a Godrej-designed proprietorship, with a combination of moving and dead bolts. So as to ensure that the mechanism conforms to international standards, the bolts are tested and certified by CEN – the recognised European Standards Organisation for burglary resistance.

Illustration of a craftsman performing checks on the safe

Craftsmanship and mastery

The strength behind Godrej safes lies in its promise of quality control. Thick iron plates, patented door frames, non-removable backs, and fire-resistant lining are few of the high-grade features that helped Godrej safes withstand Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, the Gujarat earthquake, and a fire at a Dubai mall; keeping valuables inside unscathed, and their contents intact.

Illustration of a craftsman adjusting the handle of a safe


Today, Godrej safes offer a choice of variation in all aspects of product experience. From hand-painted metallic accents to manual fine-tuning of shooting bolt alignment, the Kruna line of safes are an enduring ideal in a changing world.

Illustration of a Nora safe
Godrej symbol
archival picture of a worker creating the Godrej safe

Godrej Security Solutions

From designing ‘un-pickable’ locks to concocting fire-resistant compounds, Ardeshir Godrej was a man on a mission. He worked towards the development of a product that would displace well-entrenched foreign brands — an initiative that led to the development of India’s first homegrown safe.

Fast forward a hundred years, and what began as a fledgling company went on to become India’s most complete security solutions organisation. Godrej Security Solutions (GSS) offers a comprehensive suite of security solutions for residential, industrial, and business premises.

Committed to securing valuables, GSS also manufactures products for marine and defence sectors. A company that began manufacturing Anchor locks in 1897, GSS has evolved beyond selling security products; providing a package of products, audits, and consulting services in its stead. Today, Godrej Security Solutions exports its merchandise to over 45 countries.