When beauty meets valour

image of Nora safe image of Nora safe

Masterpiece Safes

Cutting-edge technology, artisanal craftsmanship, and an unparalleled design aesthetic come together to create grandiose masterpieces — that secures valuables without revealing its true identity.

We are future ready

The Nora Safe is a combination of strength and intelligence, further fortified with cutting-edge technology.

  • iWarn System

    Through remote access, the iWarn System lets you completely control your safe when you are away

  • Intelli Sense

    The Intelli Sense camera helps define an area around the safe, restricted to anyone but you

  • Mobile App

    A Mobile App through which you can activate/ deactivate your alarm system anytime, anywhere lets you have complete control.

ornamental image of the shooting bolt ornamental image of the shooting bolt ornamental image of the shooting bolt


Kruna uses up-to-date and intuitive technology, to make life easy and secure. Remote controls, relentless innovation, and state-of-the-art intuitive technology provide the ultimate in safety and luxury.

Image to introduce heritage of Godrej securiity solutions